Project Research


Team Member :4

Team : SpryXpress Padmavati

  1. Rajashri Jadhav (BCS Fy)
  2. Rushikesh Mehetre (BCS Fy)
  3. Pooja Jadhav(BCS SY)
  4. Reshma Satpute(BCS TY)

Project Lead : Nitin Nikam

Research Duration : November 2016 to Working in Progress)

One of the most interesting developments in the website design industry is the introduction of responsive web design (RWD), a mechanism that allows a website to adapt to the size of the user’s screen, be it desktop, iPad or laptop. The real benefit has been its use for creating mobile friendly sites. This means the users can have a seamless experience without the need of any redirection. The bottom line is as long as multiple devices for browsing are accessible, responsive design will always be a requirement.

Responsive design SEO

As we are shifting into a world where Smartphones and tablets are beginning to rule the roost in terms of connectivity, more people are searching information from their tablets and mobile phones. Here, responsive design has a major role to play regarding its impact on the SEO. In the world of SEO, the concept of mobile has always been tricky. Yes, everybody wants a mobile site but what is the best way to do it? Google has finally recommended that website should use responsive design as the components of RWD can positively affect SEO.

How Responsive Website design helps in better SEO

Responsive design increase local SEO ranking:

If you are targeting local keywords, RWD will increase local ranking. More and more people are searching for directions to local business using their mobile devices. It has been estimated by YELP that 40% of searches come from mobile apps. Mobile search results are partially influenced by Geo-specific parameters; therefore, website will have to meet the SEO pointers.  This helps Google to identify your optimised site as the one that is suitable for quality placement in search engines.

For instance, mobile users will press the BACK button if your pages are not displayed in the right way on their mobile devices. They will return to the results and search for the one that does the job easily.  Such actions will be identified as poor user experience by the search engines and affect your placement in the mobile results.


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