B.Sc Computer Science (BCS)

Eligibility Criteria : Candidate passing 12th Science with Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry as optional subject or its equivalent examination securing a minimum of 50% of marks (45% for reserved category)

Intake Capacity : 60 student per year. 

BCS First Semester

301T - Computer Fundamentals
302T - Digital Electronics
303AT- 8085:Microprocessor
304AT- Programming in C
305ATP-Communication skill I
306AT- Mathematical Foundation

BCS Second Semester

307T - Data Structure
308AT- Operating System I
304BT-Adv. Programming in C
305BTP-Communication Skill II
306BT - Numerical Method

BCS Third Semester

309AT - Analysis of Algorithm
308BT - Operating System II
303CT - Peripheral & Interfacing
304CT/310AT OOPs using C++/Java-I
312AT DBMS - I
306CT Statistical Methods

BCS Fourth Semester

313AT - S/w. Eng. I
312BT - D.B.M.S. II
314AT - D.C.N. I
304DT/31OBT OOPs C++/Java - II
315AT - Computer Graphics - I
303DT - P.C. Hardware
316AT - Web Fundamental - I
317T - Linux

BCS Fifth Semester

313BT - S/w. Eng. II
318T - E-Commerce
314BT - D.C.N. II
304ET - GUI - Programming
315BT - Computer Graphics - II
303ET - Embedded - I
320AT - XML
321T - Dataware Hsg. and DM

BCS Six Semester

313CT- Soft. Test.and QA
322T - Theory of Computation
323T - Ethics and Cyber law
304FT- Dot Net Arci. and Prog.
315CT- Computer Animation
303FT- Embedded - II
320BT- Web Prog.
314CT- Mobile Computing